The Japan culture through its traditional costume

Examination of kimono in its parts

  • General structure
  • Types of kimono
  • Fabrics
  • Wardrobe
  • History of kimono

Dressing the kimono

  • Undergarments
  • The obi sash and knots
  • Dressing steps

Decorative techniques

  • Yuzen technique
  • Shibori technique
  • Kasuri technique
  • Sashiko
  • Katazome technique

Tsumami kanzashi techniques

  • Production steps
  • Decoration seasonality

The “floating world”  of maiko and geisha

  • The figures of the maiko and geisha
  • The training
  • The kimono of maiko and geisha

Dressing a maiko

  • Undergarments of maiko and geisha
  • Dressing steps

The students,  at the end of the class, will be able to do a full dressing of a maiko.




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Curatore del workshop:
Simone Marchi
Simone Andrea Marchi was born in Genova in 15th of November 1969, in his home city attended the artistic high school. In this period grew his love for the show business and the makeup world. After the high school diploma went to Milan for attending the make-up school B.C.M., under the teaching of Elisa Calcinari and the management of Stefano Anselmo. He work for years at the Carlo Felice theatre, as makeup artist. In  2000 move to Rome for starting a new carrier in movie business. Being enamoured of Japan, even more for his faith (Buddhism. He has been perfecting by himself the world of kimono and the “ floating world” ( the universe of maiko and geisha) creating some equipment, and going through some decoration techniques and for making “tsumami kanzashi” (floreal  head decoration of maiko). He tried to cross this knowledge with the theatrical experience ( butterfly, for examples) creating a proper class for passing down his own love for this.