Redesigning Italian Identity

The World Cup is a time when all Italians come together in unity to support Italy on a global stage. There is the feeling of community pride, of fierce loyalty, the shared joy of successes and the shared sting of failures. Without the Italian national team in the running this year, Italians will have to find other ways to participate in a collective identity. But first, we must understand what that means.

In this workshop, students will first consider Italians of all ethnic, cultural, regional, and socioeconomic backgrounds to reflect on these essential questions:

1- What does it mean to be “Italian”?

2- Who has a right to feel “Italian”?

Then, in teams of 5, students will envision the ideal future state of “Italianness”, i.e. What will make us proud to be “Italian” in 2022 (the next World Cup year)?

Students will use this vision to guide them in the design of a new service or experience that will promote progress toward their ideal future states. This service or experience can promote progress at the micro level (individual people, communities, and neighborhoods) or at the macro level (policies, cities, regions, businesses, institutions). This service or experience should be something Italians can use during the time they would otherwise dedicate to watching the World Cup matches. Successful services or experiences for the purposes of this workshop will include an interpretation of playfulness and an element of community-building.

Among other markers of identity, students may consider the following during the course of the workshop as they design their new service or experience:

– The roles of public and private space

– The importance of communal eating and food

– The presence of traditions and religions

– Education, and

– Contemporary and historical cultural relevance (fine arts, architecture, design, music, etc).

Students will use diagrams, storyboards, illustration, video, photography, performance, collage and/or other media to communicate the service or experience they design.

The two most important objectives of this workshop are: Learning how to think strategically, and learning the process of communicating these ideas (called “envisioning”).


What should students bring with: Students must bring laptops and iPhones for photography and video. Students are asked to bring any writing utensils or illustration equipment they might like to use.

Workshop taught in English language

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Curatore del workshop:
F. Taylor Colantonio
F. Taylor Colantonio is a designer based in Rome. After earning a Master of Fine Arts degree at Rhode Island School of Design in 2013, Taylor was a Strategist at Continuum in Boston, where he was part of NXT, a specialized team that used design-thinking to envision what the future could be like. At Continuum, his major project was a comprehensive patient-centered redesign of the pharmaceutical supply chain for a $100bn pharmaceutical distribution company, which involved two years of ethnographic research. He also reconsidered the relationships between doctors and patients for a health insurance giant, and created a VIP customer loyalty program for a famous luxury department store chain. He now designs his own line of objects.